Cute or Terrifying? Sharkvolution Concept Art

We’ve been prototyping mechanics for Sharkvolution, a game we’re running at the American Museum of Natural History, for a few weeks now. The game is part of an event we are doing with Come Out & Play and AMNH on June 22 for Milstein Science Series: Sharks.

Along with mechanics, we’ve also started to work on concept art for the game. The game celebrates the incredible diversity of sharks by letting kids create their own shark species. Players perform simple game activities to acquire a head, a mouth, a color pattern, a tail and a size for their shark. Each body part has four possible variations.

After successfully performing the activity, the player is awarded a sticker of that body part and variation, which they can add to their growing shark badge.


We’ve zeroed in on either a photographic or a hand-drawn style. The photos are kind of awesome in a Frankenshark sort of way — but maybe too terrifying?

The hand-drawn ones are our favorite so far. They are a tad cuter and allow for more flexibility.