About Us

Gigantic Mechanic is an experience & game design studio. We make real fun.

We work with museums, cities & brands to create deeply engaging, interactive experiences through social & physical play that participants will talk about and cherish for years to come.

We believe that transformative experiences grow out of social experiences. So we focus on designing games were player work together, face-to-face to collaborate and solve problems.

Our belief is that the experience, not technology, should drive the design.

Gigantic Mechanic was founded in 2009 by Mattia Romeo and Greg Trefry. We don’t believe there is one “right” technology or format for all situations — after all, each project has its own experiential goals, learning objectives and constraints. Instead, we believe in designing and developing the right game and technology to deliver the best experience. This has led us to develop games in many different mediums, from paper to C++.

We have created mobile games to let players take their play outside. We’ve created games using computer vision to remove the need for a controller. We’ve created games based entirely around discussion and debate.

Along with developing our own games, Gigantic Mechanic has worked extensively with clients and collaborators to create games designed to engage a wide variety of audiences. We love working with others and helping bring new ideas to life.

Whether we’re working on our own projects or collaborating with a client, we follow a highly iterative design process that puts the emphasis on playtesting, and following user feedback to find the fun.


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