Our technology platform for building media-rich, multi-player educational experiences.

VOXPOP brings learning to life in museums & classrooms through media-rich, collaborative, role-playing experiences.

Does your organization want to offer interactive, media-rich content for teachers to use in the classroom? Do you work for a museum looking to develop engaging new educational experiences for use in your space?

Using our VOXPOP platform, we can turn your content into dynamic, multimedia role-plays that teachers and students will love.

You can offer a VOXPOP role-play to teachers for use in their classrooms. Or you can run VOXPOPs at your own institution and turn your space into a vibrant town hall.

Organizations can:

  • license existing content for use in their space
  • commission new content for use in their space and in classrooms
  • commission fully-customized experiences that leverage the VOXPOP technology platform to create unique educational offerings

A case study: Bringing Rhode Island history into classrooms

The Education and Public Programs office of the Rhode Island Department of State (DOS) offers tours and programming for student groups at Rhode Island’s majestic state house in Providence. It also provides teaching materials and access to primary sources related to Rhode Island history and government for use by educators.  After learning about the educational potential of role-plays, the DOS became interested in developing a historical role-playing experience aimed at high school students.

We worked with them to pick a topic that would provide compelling choices for participants. As a team, we decided to focus on the Dorr Rebellion, a fascinating and pivotal moment in Rhode Island history. After researching the event, we created the role-play content and media, and tested with teachers and students around R.I. The final version of the role-play is freely available to teachers throughout Rhode Island and beyond. 

‚ÄčThe Dorr Rebellion beta is now available for teachers to use on VOXPOP. When the final VOXPOP site launches this spring, the Rhode Island State House can also offer teachers access to the role-play and teaching materials through their website.

Interested in hearing more about how VOXPOP role-plays can bring your content and educational offerings to life? Call Greg Trefry at 647-807-8131 or email greg@voxpop.io.

Our team at Gigantic Mechanic developed VOXPOP through a 2019 ED/IES SBIR Award.

The concept was based on our belief that in today’s world, it is critical for kids to be able to build better relationships through communication, compromise, and shared learning. VOXPOP gives students the opportunity to practice these civic skills while learning common core content.