Our Work

These are some of the games & experiences we’ve made recently.

Alphabet City

Alphabet City takes the names of places around you and converts them into a fast-paced, addictive word game.

Block Party

Block Party turns the solitary play of puzzle games like Tetris and Tangrams into a group coordination problem. With more than a dozen pieces all falling at the same time, players must work together to coordinate the best placement of each piece.

Cash or Crash?

Designed and developed with Intrepid Air & Space Museum to coincide with their Drones exhibit, Cash or Crash blends interactive theater with a game show to create an engaging tour through the frontiers of the drone industry.

Come Out & Play

Every year since 2006, Gigantic Mechanic has produced the Come Out & Play Festival, bringing together game designers from around the world and players eager for innovative experiences.

Everyone’s A Critic

Developed in collaboration with the Institute of Play and the Museum of Modern Art, Everyone’s a Critic prompts museum-goers to directly engage with the works on display around them.

Giant Science Showdown

Giant Science Showdown was created in collaboration with our friends at the New York Hall of Science to bring the joy of messy fun science to life.


With the flick of a button, Gigaputt transformed your neighborhood into an exciting three-hole mini-golf course, complete with popping manholes, treacherous fire hydrants, and giant coins.

How many zombies is too many zombies?

In How Many Zombies Are Too Many Zombies? players take on the role of scientists helping the “Center for Calamity Control” simulate a zombie outbreak.

Migrant Trail

Developed in partnership with documentarian Marco Williams to accompany his film The Undocumented, The Migrant Trail introduces players to the hardships and perils of crossing the Sonoran Desert.


Developed in partnership with Institute of Play & the Born This Way Foundation, PlayBrave was a massively multiplayer online social game about playing together to build a kinder, braver world.


Grab your smart phone and jump into the biggest arena shooter ever. In Scattershot, you’re given control an ill-conceived contraption of a space ship that can only move by firing its guns.

Senate Immersion Module

Played in a full recreation of the U.S. Senate Chamber, the Senate Immersion Module brings learning to life through role-playing and gameplay.

Sesame Street Boxheads

In Sesame Street Boxheads, kids with tablets control grownups wearing boxes and headsets in a real live video game.


Shadowplay is a large-scale street game projected directly onto the walls of New York City. Players jump, dash, stretch and contort their shadows, aiming to score points by eclipsing objects floating across the field of play.


Sharkvolution was custom-designed for the American Museum of Natural History’s Milstein Science Series: Sharks event.

Short Order

Short Order is a fast-paced game about teamwork that gets the whole family playing together. Kids and adults work together playing waiters and line chefs in one of the craziest kitchens in town.


VOXPOP brings civics and history to life in the classroom through media-rich, collaborative, role-playing experiences.

Way to Play

Gigantic Mechanic was awarded a grant from Kaboom! as part their Play Everywhere initiative. Kaboom! challenged designers, artists and community groups to create opportunities for play and weave them into the fabric of the city and daily life.