Two buttons. A hundred friends. Total chaos.

Grab your smart phone and jump into the biggest arena shooter ever. In Scattershot, you’re given control an ill-conceived contraption of a space ship that can only move by firing its guns. You score by collecting points and destroying other ships. Just make sure you don’t shoot other space ships on your team. To score points — and avoid bullets and enemy ships — you’ll need to control the urge to fire at everything that moves and work with your teammates to steer your way to a high score.

Scattershot was designed and developed for the 2014 Come Out & Play Festival in New York City. Our goal was to build an approachable video game that anyone with a phone could walk up and easily play. To join the game, you simply point your phone’s browser towards the game website. You are then given a single button to control your ship. We also wanted to encourage collaboration and team play, so you co-pilot your ship with another member of the audience. The game was projected onto the archway under the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO Brooklyn. The game allows for anywhere from 2-100 players to continuously drop in and out of the game.