Order up!

Short Order is a fast-paced game about teamwork that gets the whole family playing together. Kids and adults work together playing waiters and line chefs in one of the craziest kitchens in town. You only have a couple of minutes to to serve up as many wacky dishes as you can. Each chef has their own special ingredients, so filling orders depends on quick thinking and great communication. Order up!

We designed Short Order to give kids and families the thrilling feeling of working in frenzied kitchen. Inspired by TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen and video games like Diner Dash, the game takes simple color matching and dials up the excitement through physical layout, teamwork and speed. With waiters eager to serve customers and a kitchen staff rushing to fill orders, teams need to work together and communicate if they want to post a high score.

The game was played at the Tribeca Family Festival and Come Out & Play 2015. Interested in having Short Order at your institution or event? Please contact gtrefry@giganticmechanic.com.