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Into the Woods is a series of interconnected fairy-tale games. The game pits a team of villagers and a team of wolves against each other in contest for dominion of the forest. Players find themselves exiled from the village, cast into a whispering forest and blindly dueling one another as they try to shepherd their kind to safety — or hunt down intruders in their dominion.

Each player is assigned a role which they will act out over the course of five games. Some games will find players working alone, while others involve the cooperation of the entire village or pack. In the end though, only one will be crowned king of the forest.

The games use blindness and sound to create asymmetrical play. Sometimes villagers are blindfolded, while their wolf opponents must hold a chain of bells signaling their movements. Other times, villagers must guide blindfolded players using whistles, while also throwing off the blind wolves tracking them.

Played over an hour in a small clearing, Into the Woods explores role playing and physical play.

The game was played at igfest 2011 in Bristol, England, Come Out & Play New York in 2011 and Pittsburgh’s City of Play in 2012.

Click here for a full set of rules and script for running Into the Woods.

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