Investing in the Drone Revolution

Become an investor for the evening, and take a gamble on the drone start-up market. In this interactive experience, teams of investors will hear pitches from entrepreneurs—four ingenious start-ups in need of funding. As a player, you ask questions, assess the potential value of their technology and decide how much your team is willing to invest. The investment opportunities are based on actual case studies—some never got off the ground, some received funding and took off, and others failed. Your bank account will go up or down as your investments cash out or crash.

Designed and developed with Intrepid Air & Space Museum to coincide with their Drones exhibit, Cash or Crash blends interactive theater with a game show to create an engaging tour through the frontiers of the drone industry.

Game Credits
Mattia Romeo – Game Design & Programming
Greg Trefry – Game Design & Project Management
Nick Hubbard – Game Design, Research & Writing
Anne Goodfriend – Art & Graphic Design
Dalton Gray – Writing & Acting
David Monteagudo – Directing
Arthur Holland Michel from the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College – Content Expertise