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Cast yourself into the game

Cast yourself into the game with Shadowplay, a large-scale street game projected directly onto the walls of New York City. Players jump, dash, stretch and contort their shadows in a bid to score points by eclipsing objects floating through the game. Play alone or collaboratively.

Shadowplay is a motion-based outdoor arcade game that uses the architecture of the city as its backdrop. The game plays like a shadow-based version of Twister.

Players have two minutes to score as many points as they can. You score points by popping green circles with your shadow. But watch out for the blue circles. Pop a blue circle and lose one of your three lives. The more green circles you pop at the same time, the more points you score. To really rack up the points, players can work together to create bigger, creative shadow shapes.

Shadowplay can be set up to run at festival and exhibitions. For more information about the game please contact gtrefry (at) iamtheeconomy (dot) com.

The game was featured at the Come Out & Play Festival in New York City and You Are Go! in Berlin.

As featured in The New York Times and The Village Voice.

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