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Make the world your golf course!

With the flick of a button Gigaputt transforms your neighborhood into an exciting 3-hole mini-golf course, complete with popping manholes, treacherous fire hydrants, and giant coins. With each new game Gigaputt creates a course starting from where you stand and gives you the option to either walk the course like the pros using your iPhone's GPS, or play from the comfort of your living room.

Gigaputt uses intuitive gesture-based controls that allow you to swing your iPhone like a real golf club and send the ball sailing over your neighborhood. While easy to play, mastering the game takes skill and finesse - swing too hard and you'll slice the ball sending it veering away from your target.

Once you've perfected your swing compete against your friends to see who can collect the most coins while still coming in under par. Up to 4 players can play on the same phone.

See your neighborhood in a new light! Catch a quick round of golf wherever you are! With Gigaputt the world is your fairway!

As featured in The New York Times and Gizmodo.

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