Our games inspire players to interact with the world around them in new ways.

Instead of simply creating virtual worlds, we make experiences that leap off the computer screen and change the way you engage with the world.

Gigantic Mechanic was founded in 2009 by Mattia Romeo and Greg Trefry to explore the game design possibilities enabled by new technologies, from mobile computing to GPS to movement tracking. Over the years, we have designed and developed everything from video games to installations to live-action dodgeball battles.

We don’t believe there is one “right” technology or format for all situations — after all, each project has its own experiential goals, learning objectives and constraints. Instead, we believe in designing and developing the right game and technology to deliver the best experience. This has led us to develop games in many different mediums, from paper to cardboard to C++. Our belief is that the experience, not the technology, should drive the design.

Along with developing our own games, Gigantic Mechanic has worked extensively with clients and collaborators to create games designed to engage a wide variety of audiences. We love working with others and helping bring new ideas to life.

We made iPhone games that help you rediscover your neighborhood. We collaborated with a documentary filmmaker to develop a documentary game that explores the experience of undocumented migrants, crossing the Sonoran desert into the United States. We worked with the Born This Way Foundation and the Institute of Play to create a game that encourages self-expression and sharing among teens. We brought a giant fighting puppet battle to New York’s Union Square for the Truth campaign. We worked with the Museum of Modern Art to create a pick-up-and-play game that provokes discussion of art and enriches the visitor experience. And that’s just within the last year or two.

Whether we’re working on our own projects or collaborating with a client, we follow a highly iterative design process that puts the emphasis on playtesting, and following user feedback to find the fun.

Understand Our Process

At Gigantic Mechanic, we go through a specific process to make sure we build engaging and effective games and experiences for the target audience. To do this, we break down development into three main phases:
Research & Concepting
Full Development

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Meet our team

Because we develop games in such a wide variety of formats, we believe strongly in the need for an interdisciplinary team, with broad interests and a wide array of skills. Because we are a design-driven company, all of our team members have a strong background in game and experience design, as well as in a host of more specialized skills. We can design, we can research, we can write, we can program — but most importantly, we can do all of those things in support of a developing an awesome, playful and engaging experience.

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